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Rosa Sierra 

Central Falls, RI

I hope the community takes away is that we have the greatest opportunity to prevent the vaccine than ever before. Being sick is not our fault, but stopping that spread can be our responsibility...

Happy Family with Pets

Perla Fernandez

Overland Park, KS 

The virus is threatening our families, it has taken a toll on our mental and emotional health, and has claimed the lives of those dear to our hearts...


Farmworker Justice

Washington, DC

Farmworkers are doing essential work, but they are at risk for COVID-19...


El Centro Inc.

Kansas City

Latinos are frontline workers and are exposing their life to make our lives much easier...

Writing on a Clipboard

Justin Gust

Overland Park, KS 

Following the recommendations kept me safe and many others that I came into contact with. With having received the vaccine, I feel even safer knowing I there I now have less risk of getting COVID...

Image by Mat Napo

Liliana C.

Lenexa, KS 

If I get vaccinated and everything, maybe my parents will do it too...


Chicago Hispanic Health Coaliton 

Chicago, Illinois

We want to help the community to be healthy COVID-19 free...

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22 years old

New Jersey

My experience with COVID-19 made me think of all the other Latino families...



23 years old

New Jersey

When I first found out I had COVID-19

I wasn’t surprised, but I was concerned because I do have asthma...


Rural Community Workers Alliance

Milian, MO

Meat packagers are very exposed to the virus and need to have mandatory guidelines, we need to bring awareness to this community...

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