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Migrant Health Center- Mask Types (poster)- ENGLISH.jpg

Poster of Common Mask Types

This poster promotes the importance of proper mask-wearing and lists common mask types for prevention of COVID-19.

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Vaccine Misinformation Social Media Posts

These posts address the most common COVID-19 myths circulating the Hispanic community in St. Croix on the U.S. Virgin Islands.

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COVID-19 Vaccination for Children Fotonovela & Outreach Guide

These multilingual audio-visual videos address COVID-19 misinformation among the farmworker community.  Radionovela available in English, Spanish, and Mixteco.

Migrant Health Center- Flyer for Free at-home COVID-19 Tests (for general public) ENGLISH.

Flyer for Free COVID-19
At-Home Tests

Flyer for general public to access free COVID-19 at-home tests.

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I Will Do It Poster Series

This 3-part poster series and social media posts encourages families to get vaccinated and/or boosted based on current local guidelines.

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Educational COVID-19 Social Media Campaign

This near 100-post social media campaign highlights different COVID-19 subtopics such as updated mask guidelines and strategic masking, booster shots, mental health, and at-home rapid tests.

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Don’t Let Your Guard Down-Stand Banner

This stand banner encourages Latinos to continue practicing COVID-19 prevention to further reduce the spread of the virus, particularly in

areas with high community levels. (Available in Spanish-only)

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Traveling Responsibly 

This poster aims to empower families to continue considering health first while traveling, even as testing and mask mandates are lifted, to ensure that they do not feel confused about best practices around COVID-19 prevention.

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Masks and Vaccines
Poster Series

This 5-part poster series focuses on COVID-19 vaccination and strategic mask-wearing as key strategies to reducing the spread of COVID-19.

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