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POSTER- Chisme still good at 6ft apart.png

Chisme… 6 feet apart

This poster features two Latina women sitting on their porch practicing healthy distancing outdoors while sharing pan dulce and good conversation. This is part of a poster series campaign.

POSTER- Lucha kids with capes.png

Lucha contra el COVID-19

This poster features two Latino adolescents wearing facemasks

and capes with lucha libre designs symbolizing the fight against

COVID-19. This is part of a poster series campaign.

POSTER- Mascarilla Beautiful Latina.png

¡Antes Muerta!

This poster features a young and beautiful Latina woman wearing an accessorized fancy face mask to go out in public safely. This is part of a poster series campaign.

HazTuParte_2021 .jpg

COVID-19 Infographic
Do Your Part!

This infographic is part of a series of COVID-19 educational fact sheets aimed at educating local Latino communities in Kansas about the COVID-19 virus and resources.

Screen Shot 2021-08-03 at 2.48.47 PM.png

Healthy Distancing and Prevention

A four-page comic book is centered around a farmworker couple who learns that they have been exposed to COVID-19 at work and implement measures to better protect themselves.

Screen Shot 2021-08-03 at 2.49.29 PM.png

Children’s Activity Book

A fun 8-page children’s activity book offers fun games and activities for children of farmworkers to play with their families. It includes word searches, connect-the-dots, spot the differences, and hidden object pictures, all using vocabulary and images related to COVID-19 prevention.

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