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Disclaimer: The COVID-19 recommendations on these products are subject to change as federal regulations change. Please visit the CDC’s COVID-19 webpage for the most updated and recent guidelines.

Vaccine & Women’s Health Myth-Busting

Social media campaign addressing local COVID-19 vaccine myths around various women’s health concerns.

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For My Loved Ones Fact Sheet

This fact sheet offers simple COVID-19 safety tips and local resources for Latinx/o boys and their families. Developed by local Latinx/o youth in New Mexico.  

National Youth Leadership Council- Together 4 Brothers (youth team)_ For my Loved Ones (fa

Your Health is Your Wealth Poster Series 

This 4-poster series offers simple tips for Latinx families to stay safe from COVID-19. Developed by local Latinx/o youth in California.

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In Chaos, there is Light and Hope- Art Drawing

This art-piece was developed by a youth team and adapted from a neoclassical painting by William-Adolphe Bouguereau, to include pandemic allusions. The aim of this piece is to spread a message of hope and continued vigilance among our Latino communities.

In Chaos, There is Light and Hope (neo-classical art reimagined)_ Student Poster.png

Know it, Prepare, and Act-  Yard Sign

Yard sign developed by local youth to inform their community of COVID-19 symptoms and how to prevent spread.

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Preventing Misinformation with Facts- Video 

This video discusses common COVID-19 vaccine misinformation. Developed by local Latinx/o youth in Indiana. 

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