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Share your COVID-19 Pandemic Story

The pandemic has affected our lives in many ways; tell us how the pandemic has impacted you, your loved ones, and your community.


Share your story, with photos, videos, and stories detailing how COVID-19 has affected your physical and mental health, employment, housing, education, and relationships, and overall life. Sharing your story will not only help other people understand how the pandemic has impacted Latinos lives but will demonstrate to the world that Latinos are not alone and that we are a community.

Submit a story completing the following prompts:

(You can record yourself on your phone or send us a written testimony)

  • My name is and I am from….

  • The ways that COVID-19 has impacted my life is….

  • My thoughts about the COVID-19 vaccine are….

  • Now that I have received the COVID-19 vaccine I feel….

  • One message I want to give my community about COVID-19 is….

Share your COVID-19 Pandemic Story

Being sick is not our fault, but stopping that spread can be our responsibility

I hope the community takes away is that we have the greatest opportunity to prevent the vaccine than ever before.


The virus has taken a toll on our mental and emotional health

The virus is threatening our families, it has taken a toll on our mental and emotional health, and has claimed the lives of those dear to our hearts...

Happy Family with Pets

Farmworker Justice

Farmworkers are doing essential work, but they are at risk for COVID-19...

Image by Gabriel Jimenez
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