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Thanksgiving via Zoom

Shay | 22 years old | New Jersey

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When I found out I had COVID-19 I immediately thought of what I could do to protect my family. It was difficult for my family since we all live together (five of us) and share one bathroom. Together, we discussed some ways to handle this situation.  I had to carefully disinfect the bathroom after using it and my family members also disinfected it each time before they used it.  Additionally, there was the challenge of being sick during Thanksgiving and having to celebrate with my family on Zoom. The preventive strategies I used primarily were, continuously disinfecting rooms and surfaces and wearing a mask and gloves every time I stepped out of my room. I am glad I made the sacrifice for my family, to stay in my bedroom for those two whole weeks.

My experience with COVID-19 made me think of all the other Latino families that might struggle with the same situation of living with a large family and having to share one bathroom. I am thankful to have had resources to help me get better but there are many families that do not have the same resources or information to keep their families safe. One of the best things we can all do is follow the CDC guidelines and do everything we can to prevent COVID-19, even if it involves some sacrifices.

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