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PODER en SALUD Acronym











We are a group of Latino-identified and/or Latino-serving community-based organizations from across the United States that have come together to address the COVID-19 pandemic through a collective effort to provide accurate, timely, information, education, and resources to our people through trusted local affiliates committed to the health, well-being, and prosperity of Latinos/Latinx.


The PODER en SALUD Coalition comprises 7 core partners, 21 affiliate organizations, and a lead organization, PROCEED, Inc., headquartered in Elizabeth, NJ. 

PODER en SALUD Nationwide Reach
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A coalition of Latino-identified and/or serving community-based organizations across the United States participating in a collective effort to inform and educate their local Latino communities

on COVID-19.​

Latino communities have increased access to accurate and timely COVID-19 prevention and vaccine information that is culturally appropriate, situation-specific, and in Spanish and English.

Local Latino-serving community-based organizations have increased their capacity to identify local challenges and barriers to the adoption of COVID-19 testing, vaccine, and prevention recommendations, and develop solutions.

Latino communities are knowledgeable of the behavioral and social practices that can reduce their risk for COVID-19 infection.

COVID-19 messages are informed, developed, and designed by various segments of the Latino community to promote accurate COVID-19 prevention information, dispel rumors and misinformation, and reach Latinos with limited English proficiency, low literacy, and low health literacy.

Local Latino communities are equipped with trained Promotores/as and community health workers who serve as cultural workers to relay accurate COVID-19 information and facilitate participation in COVID-19 testing and vaccination.

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