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Our Products

As part of the PODER en SALUD project, coalition members collaborated to produce more than 300 multilingual, culturally tailored, and contextually relevant COVID-19 message products. These products were designed to educate, motivate, and provide information to our Latinx community on how to stay safe from COVID-19 during the pandemic.

What Sets Our Products Apart?​

The products in this archive were carefully crafted by local Latinx leaders who possess a deep understanding of their community's needs. Through active engagement with community members, the coalition developed COVID-19 products that are culturally sensitive, linguistically appropriate, and timely.

Disclaimer: The purpose of this library is to showcase the wide range of COVID-19 products created by the PODER en SALUD coalition from 2020-2024, highlighting their successful efforts. We encourage individuals and organizations to use our products as inspiration for developing culturally, linguistically, and situationally appropriate health communications. While these resources may reflect past public health guidance, they offer valuable insights and historical context for COVID-19 communication strategies.


Print Products

Discover a wide range of COVID-19 prevention resources in this print library, including infographics, fact sheets, flyers, palm cards, banners, and more. Downloadable products are available for your use


Video/Audio Products

This folder houses a comprehensive collection of downloadable videos and audio-only products related to COVID-19. Explore local public service announcements, motivating commercials, and even mini telenovelas.

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