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Our Products

The PODER en SALUD Core Partners and Affiliates have developed a collection of over 300 multilingual, culturally-tailored, and population-specific COVID-19 communication products and messages that aim to educate, motivate, and inform various segments of our Latinx community to stay safe from COVID-19 and up-to-date on vaccinations and boosters.


What Makes Our Products Special?

Every COVID-19 communication product created through this project was carefully crafted by local Latino/Latinx leaders who know and understand their community’s needs and concerns, and through direct inquiry with community members, they developed COVID-19 materials that were time-sensitive, specific, and directly responding to their community’s needs and interests.


Farmworkers and Migrant Workers

COVID-19 message products for Latino/Latinx and indigenous farmworker individuals and families. 



Faith-based Religious Communities

COVID-19 message products made for and by Latino/Latinx religious leaders and churches.


Essential Workers

COVID-19 message products crafted for Latino/Latinx essential workers.



Children and Family

COVID-19 message-products for, and about, Latino/Latinx children and families.


Mental Health

COVID-19 message products that focus on the mental health challenges experienced during the pandemic.



General COVID-19 Prevention 

COVID-19 message products that cover general COVID-19 prevention topics such as vaccinations/boosters, treatments, long-term COVID-19 conditions, COVID-19 misinformation, and more.


COVID-19 Materials 

COVID-19 message products are especially designed by a national cohort of 18 Latino/Latinx youth leadership teams, part of the National Youth Leadership Council, a PODER en SALUD Core Partner- across twelve U.S. states. Additional products from this cohort can be found in our COVID-19 Archive Library (below).


COVID-19 Archive Library

This library houses COVID-19 products primarily developed in 2020 and 2021 that no longer align with current CDC guidelines and recommendations for COVID-19 prevention. However, we welcome you to peruse our collection for ideas and inspiration. All products were developed by current and previous PODER en SALUD Core Partners, project Affiliates, and other community members and stakeholders. For the most recent COVID-19 guidelines, please visit CDC’s COVID-19 webpage.

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