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The virus has taken a toll on our mental and emotional health

Perla Fernandez | Overland Park, KS 

Happy Family with Pets

My name is Perla Fernandez and I am originally from Mexico, but call Kansas City “home." COVID-19 has impacted my life by the losses I’ve had in my community and my family. In June 2020, my mother lost her two best friends to COVID-19.  My husband lost his dear mother in January 2021 to COVID-19, and in May 2021, I lost a former coworker to this disease. The virus is threatening our families, it has taken a toll on our mental and emotional health, and has claimed the lives of those dear to our hearts. My thoughts about the COVID-19 vaccine is that it is extremely necessary that we ALL get vaccinated. My husband and I received our second dose in the beginning of May 2021 and we are now happily fully vaccinated. Now, I feel a sense of relief, however, I do continue to wear my mask everywhere I go to set an example for my young children. One message that I want to give my community about COVID-19 is that I urge everyone (that can) to get vaccinated against COVID-19, and for everyone to continue taking precautions such as wearing masks and socially distancing to protect children and vulnerable people who are unable to get the vaccine. We can curve the spread of this terrible disease and put a stop to this pandemic if we work together for the greater good. 

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