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I want my community to know about this virus is that it’s not fake, it’s very much real! 

SAVANNAH | 23 years old | New Jersey


When I first found out I had COVID I wasn’t surprised but I was concerned because I also have asthma. I thought with being an asthmatic this could get really bad. I tried not to stress and it never did get bad

My biggest concern was spreading it and that my loved ones would get COVID because of me.

Overall my family's reaction wasn't that bad but my younger siblings were more affected. They all knew they had to stay away but my younger siblings had taken it very hard. My 12-year-old sister couldn’t have a birthday party due to the fact I had COVID and my four-year-old sister was very sad that she could not have contact with me or be in my room anymore because I was sick. 

The hardest part about being in quarantine was not having contact with people, not being able to hug my loved ones, and not being able to interact with my friends. I didn't realize how important it is for us as humans with one another until I had no choice but to stay in my room all alone. A little part of me wished someone had COVID with me so I would not feel and be alone.

The way my family and I dealt with me having COVID was we were very cautious I made sure whenever I left my room to use the bathroom I wore a mask and gloves. When I was hungry, my 12 year old sister, who'd be up, would make me a cup of noodle soup (because it was all she could make) and leave it at my door. When my mom was working and out, she would buy me food or make it and leave it outside my door as well. My four-year-old sister dealt with it worse only because I don’t think she fully understands what we’re all going through with this pandemic or why she couldn’t touch or be around me. What I want my community to know about this virus is that it’s not fake.., it’s very much real! Please be respectful of how EVERYONE feels about this virus and remember to always wear a mask. I was someone who thought that COVID-19 couldn't affect me and I was wrong. Sure, I didn't get very sick like other have and only lost my sense of taste and smell but we all react to things differently. What if I hadn't taken the fact that I had COVID seriously and decided not to quarantine. I might have infected another person who may have gotten very sick or may have died. It's not worth it. Please wear a mask and if you feel that you have had contact with someone with COVID just get tested. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

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