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My Health is My Power- Video

This culturally-tailored video aims to normalize mental health conversations among the Latino community and promotes seeking help for challenges commonly experienced during the COVID-19 pandemic such as loss of a loved one, isolation, anxiety, depression, and more.

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Pandemic Mental Health Guide for Latinx Parents 

This Pandemic Mental Health Guide/Booklet for Latinx Parents aims to normalize mental health challenges in the Latinx community and teaches parents about common mood disorders and emotional difficulties that their children may be facing.

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Together Again- Video 

This video features local community leaders sharing messages about the progress that Central Falls, Rhode Island has made in addressing challenges during the

COVID-19 pandemic.

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COVID-19 Mental Health Struggles? Let us Help- Video

This short video features a local leader/professional speaking to young people about mental health challenges that the pandemic has brought about, and shares brief coping strategies.

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Accessing Mental Health Guide

This one-pager encourages individuals to seek mental health services for any post pandemic mental health need, such as depression, stress, or trauma, and where to seek help.

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Take Care of your Mental Health-

Palm Card

This palm card raises awareness of the mental health challenges brought about before and during the pandemic and shares ways to manage symptoms.

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Mental Health Fotonovela & Outreach Guide

This fotonovela features a husband and wife discussing their mental health and the anxieties brought on by the pandemic. Attached Outreach Guide provides discussion points and tips to facilitate educational conversations during outreach.

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COVID-19 Audiovisual Videos for Social Media 

These multilingual audio-visual videos address COVID-19 misinformation among the farmworker community.

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