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Facing COVID-19 and your Mental Health During Pregnancy

This hand-sized palm card acknowledges mental health challenges associated with COVID-19 that many individuals, including pregnant people, were forced to face. It promotes different self-care strategies that a pregnant person can use to reduce stress during pregnancy.


This product is available only in Spanish.

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Protect Yourself & Your Loved Ones

This simple infographic uses popular Latinx values to encourage Hispanics on St. Croix to practice COVID-19 prevention, including vaccination with the updated bivalent booster, to prevent case rises.


This product is available only in English.

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How COVID-19 Impacted Student Performance

This special bookmark  (available in English & Spanish) is aimed at both parents and children to raise awareness about the impact that COVID-19 stressors have had on student academic performance- to encourage open and honest conversations about mental health.

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Healthcare Post COVID-19

This comic-style fotonovela (“photo-story”) is aimed at promoting post-care for long COVID related challenges to increase awareness of local services & treatment. 


This product is available only in Spanish.


My COVID-19 Children’s Activity Book

This Caribbean-style 10-page children’s activity book developed by [tag CP] offers interactive activities to encourage families to learn about & discuss COVID-19 prevention strategies such as vaccination/boosting, strategic mask wearing, handwashing, rapid testing, etc.


This product is available only in English.

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Go the Extra Mile & Get Boosted!

This bilingual 4-part social media post series presents different scenarios for when a person should consider getting boosted with the updated COVID-19 bivalent vaccine. Greater protection for greater peace of mind.  

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