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The Activist-

Public Service Announcement

This short PSA features local activist and influencer, Francis Madi, inspiring other young adults and members of the LGBTQIA+ Latinx community to show their leadership by getting vaccinated and/or boosted for COVID-19 to keep their communities safe. 

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Vaccine & Women’s Health Myth-Busting

Social media campaign addressing local COVID-19 vaccine myths around various women’s health concerns.

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COVID-19 Vaccine and Fertility Myths- Public Service Announcement

This short PSA (in Spanish only) aims to reduce myths and fears around the COVID-19 vaccine and pregnancy/fertility.

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The Crisis of Xiomara Juana Josefina Sanchez de la Ruiz- Video

This mini telenovela follows the story of a young Latina weighing the potential benefits of the COVID-19 vaccine. Developed by local Latinx/o youth in Washington state.

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Mask Still Help Poster Series

These simple posters encourage the ongoing and proper use of masks to slow the spread of COVID-19 among students.

ARCH Institute- Masks Still Help (back post card 1)_ English.jpg

COVID-19 Tips- Ways to Protect Yourself

A prevention pamphlet meant to share appropriate and adequate information on COVID-19 prevention tips.

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