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It’s For Your Own Good

An animated video that features a grandma, older sister, and an unvaccinated 8-year-old grandson named Luis. They will discuss how to make a vaccine appointment for Luis and why it is important for his health.

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Karine’s Vaccine- Flyer

This flyer addresses common misconceptions students have heard from community members about the COVID-19 vaccine. Developed by local Latinx/o youth in Maryland.

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Together We Can Stop
the Spread of COVID-19  

A series of flyers displaying illustrations that explain to the Latinx youth all the precautions they can take to avoid the spread of COVID-19, and how to use these precautions in schools. 

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Let’s Keep Protecting Ourselves Poster

These posters aim to encourage High School students to get vaccinated for COVID-19 and provides general prevention measures. Developed by local Latinx/o youth in Missouri.

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Soccer Mom Myths Video

This animated video highlights mothers encouraging COVID-19 vaccination for young children while debunking common myths. Developed by local Latinx/o youth in Washington, DC.

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This poster highlights the importance of getting vaccinated and how it helps family and community. 

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Booster Shot of Love
Fact Sheet

This fact sheet provides answers to common COVID-19 vaccine questions and misconceptions. Developed by local Latinx/o youth in

Washington, DC.

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Children Can Now Be Vaccinated- Flyer

This flyer provides parents with vaccine eligibility information for the  COVID-19 vaccine for children, along with local resources to make an appointment. Developed by local Latinx/o youth in Illinois.

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Myths vs. Reality 

This poster aim to increase access to factual information through a digital flyer that specifies misconceptions that our target the youth population.

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